To him who loved me

When first we started

I never would have guessed

That when we ended

Our love would still remain

And like a teacher,

A gentle hand indeed

It would surrender

The greatest gift to me

It showed me patience,

It taught me about respect,

It made me humble,

With mettle filled my heart

So blessed be all love,

That like a flower

Grows into graceful bloom.

Dead Lives

I am dead and

You are dead.

We have all lived and died.

Now we just remember

What it was to be alive.

Vague recollections of a past

That seems too real

To not have happened haunt us still.

Memories weave together

In our brains to create

Illusions of a life that was not so

and quilt our souls,

keeping us warm and at ease.

I am in denial and you are too.

Was it worth it? Were you or I?

All those lies said and believed

to create something unreal

and equally unsatisfying.

That is what it is to be alive—to lie.

Although I am but Dust and Ashes

Outside not far

The sky is grey

The light a tainted red.

See creatures flee and people fear

For in the heat of midday sun

Wild fires do run.

Big clouds of smoke rise up and up

For light, slight winds

Produce bright gleams

From out the flames that we all see.

Above our heads like fireflies

Great planes and copters rush.

They quickly move to drop the water

We hope will cool this heat.

Yet closer, closer still it seems

While we just wait for when it shall be done
Or when at last we too shall run

With bags and kittens all at once.

in too deep

Blood runs fast

Pulse shoots up

Muscles tense

Deep breaths

Short breaths

There’s more than one way to…

Incessant movement

High energy

Want to do it all at once

Bursting into flames

Hotter and hotter

Red, yellow, blue



It won’t stop

Feels eternal

Lasting force

Keep it going

Don’t stop now

Thrusting forward

Pushing through

Unleashed inside me

It overwhelms

Overcomes me

It’s almost through

Taste of heaven