Living in Fear

I have lived in fear much of my life. Fear of what will be said of me. Fear of missing out. Fear of messing up. Many other fears exist as well.

I want to say enough with fears. I feel shitty a lot of the time and don’t understand why. Like many others in the world I have done my part to be a good citizen. The older I get the more certain sayings ring true. Being smart, capable, hard working etc. is never enough. It’s always who you know and what references you have. Credentials are not enough. Nothing is ever enough. The world will rip you off and take everything you’ve got until your dead. I suppose society thinks we need the Boxers, to put it in Animal Farm vocabulary, people who will work to no end only to receive a trip to the slaughterhouse instead of the promised retirement we all look forward to.  When will we free ourselves from fear and begin living a life thats real and meaningful to each of us individually not as a collective society?


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