Young Child

Young child,

On your way to adulthood:

You walk with a sway;

Your innocent face hardens

And your smile fades

As you try to convince

Those around you

And yourself

Of who you are.

Don’t look to this world

For answers

To life’s complicated questions.


Lift up your head,

Search deep within yourself

And know

That in the stillness of your soul

You will find relief.

For happiness will never come

Unless you are true to yourself.

You are a person

Unique and of worth.

Don’t give yourself over

To things with no value.

People may try to trick you

And get you to do as they wish

But stand up,

Be the one to do

What you know in your heart is right.

For it is far better to be alone

And at peace with yourself

Than to be surrounded by many

But not be your own man.

Perhaps yesterday

Is an unpleasant memory

You don’t wish to recall

And tomorrow may seem hopeless;

But remember

The present is in your control.

Don’t let yourself drift away

To a place with no return.

This world’s ills are many,

Be one of the few

To make the good choice.

Often, it is easier to blend in

And do as others have done before

But it takes courage to really be yourself.

Your sweet eyes of brown

Are too precious to be filled

With salty tears of sadness.

I will not pretend

To be wise.

I hold no secret answers,

The struggle is never ending.

I know little and have but my words

But my words I give to thee

And hope that they can be of use… For this child was also me.


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