No Time Wasted

I keep hoping he will come out

I keep hoping he will come out

But all I hear are

Echoes of doors now shut

Distant voices of peeps now gone

The clock strikes the hour

And I’m growing tired

But every moment that I endure

I’m sure will soon be cured

When down those stairs I see him step

Cause in his arms ill ne’er regret

And know ill soon forget

The time still spent

Waiting till he came out.

Express yo-self!

“The man is only half himself, the other half is his expression”


People need to be themselves…and be allowed to be themselves; all of this done in a respectful manner, of course. Lets express ourselves, WHO we are NOT WHAT we have or WHAT we are.

We are told not to let ourselves be objectified… “you are not an object” not a piece of meat, not a machine, not a robot, not a pair of boobs, or a work horse, we are human beings dammit!

But how do we prove ourselves thus?

It seems that in today’s society we are defined by what we have, where we live, what car we drive, what we wear, how we look.

Since when has our mind shrunk to make it believe that a person is exactly as they SHOW themselves to be?

The exterior is but the clean house that we visit when we are guests at a friends’ place.

No one will display his or her demons out neatly for the whole world to see and dissect. There is always an image being portrayed, even when it is that of a victim. We believe things about these images that entice us to act them out, often all the while losing ourselves within them so that in the end those around us, unless truly close to us, only get to know us through deflected rays bouncing from impersonal actions.

My hope as I enter my own heart and mind is that I can let go of those guises and get to know myself truly so that who I am may shine through to myself and others.