I’m Free;-I’m Back Again

Often times we live to play out evil,

But in this Gold Rush,

Rush, ease our pain;

Take it away Lord…

I feel as tough I have one song to hum

And it’s already been sung.

I feel it, I feel it

But it only affects him;



He has passed.

He never knew it happened.


Tired before death begins,

His suffering, oh that suffering

Seemed too long.

His cross to bear

For he was all too sweet…

Bitter sweet…

Bitter to his rotten core.

But we thank you,

How we thank you.

That is what,

When troubled we ought to do.

To thank; to bless.


Even when cursed

Even when angered

Even when loving we kill.

Forgive me Father for I have sinned

I killed this man on a weak tree.

He loved me.

Now I must bear my sins to grieve

Carry his soul in my eyes.

For I choose It,

I chose him,

He is my amie.

And though I never met the boy

I know him still

I love him still.

I see;

And in the twilight of my day

Clipped wings gave him false hope.

He was preyed for and hunted.

Found but not dead or alive

Just still,

In the twilight,

Where he rested his tired bones.

She didn’t know

But you blessed his soul

As did mine


Cleansed us both—at once!

And mixed us

Maxed us

Taxed us

In the wash.

But we did not drown

We found the rainbow,

Your golden promise to him and me.

Thank you.

Prolonging not his suffering

Ends time.

Our fate was merciful.

And with the spiders

The wo-men were washed away.

You were a word, you gave us word;

You were a vision, you gave us vision

And I mistook it for a body.

This man for he was me—I changed.


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