I’m free…

…and then I’m back again.

Caught a glimpse of the light,

The light that lives outside.

It is like fire magnificent and bright.

It is like crystals in the midday sun.

But I am inside

These life consuming walls

This choking pale of death.

And in this dungeon

My simple ray of hope

Is soon engulfed.

Dark beams

Surround me.

Dissolution and decay,

They call me.

Here melancholy befriends me

And despair knows my name.

I look up and I leap,

But fragile wings

Mid flight do fail.

Back in the deep

Of this abyss I fall.

Twisted and deformed

My marred condition

A monster has become.

Embrace this darkened cave

Espouse this horrid death

And in it be free!


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