To Be a Man

Born of man to be a man

Now go and be that which thou was made for.

Don’t run around and tend to be that which you weren’t intend’ for.

Stand up straight, erect yourself

And take your place among the rest

Who like you were made of nothing more

Than bones come out from dust.

And while to dust we all return

For now you’re not so make it worth a while

And make your kind be known.

Show us women why we love our men

Despite the awful truths we hear

and all have seen we need to make amends .

How strong and valiant

Courteous and kind

A man can be.

How handsome and gentle

Smart and practical men have been.

I know the hope that

Fairness and justice can abide within you

Is not in vain.

Take us, teach us what its like to man

Hu-man kind depends on this

For with out you there is no clan

Only groups of lonely women without a man.


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