Never Giving Up

“Success is the sum of small efforts repeated day in and day out”

—Robert Collier


Here I stand

Alone I stand

And waver between this and that

Between what I can and want

Neither at my disposal

For I cant anything and I want it all.

Out at Sea

I am like the ocean

Few will ever venture in

Dark passions in my bosom

Twisted and contorted

Roam freely in the base of my existence

Ghost-like creeping through the trenches

There, expansive waste,

Collections of rememberings

Of years now gone

Yet still suppressive

Invade every channel of my mind

Whelm all the vessels of my heart

And like a parasitic pest

Eat away at me

Every morsel fortifying their constitution

Cementing the cancerous tumor inside my soul.

I want to be alive

Let the voice of my soul

Ring out loud and proud

Brighten my spirit

Heighten my mind

Reach into my heart

And pull all my veins

For they are the connections

To this system of perfections

I want to know I’m alive