Orphaned Daughter

I thought you were different

A mother so kind,

So loving, so gentle

I’m always on your mind

Come to find out

A witch you might be

Cause your hoaxes

Still coax us

Delusions that might have been

I’m not the girl I use to be.

You beat and abused me

Lied and said it was true

It was me, it was me;

Wasn’t it? It was me!

Not the family issues

Not fact that you’re greedy

So needy

Come clean!

Only care about you

No second thought do I wrought

In your belly was I really caught?

I wanted you to be different

Hoped and wished you were true

But I’ve come to find out

A witch you could be

Cause still all of your hocus

Feel like they poke us

From inside and hurt.

Old curses

You slammed me

Can’t just wash that away

You’ve stolen my right to be


I’ll fight it

Even though you disagree.

In the end mother,

Did I turn out like the girl

You labeled me as?

The stupid, the whore,

Bad daughter always want more.


Now I’ma forget her

Cause she doesn’t deserve

To have me anymore.


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