To no end

In thinking I start to feel

And to feel leads me to fear

For I know not what to think

Or what to feel…

I cannot comprehend my actions

Nor can I yours.

Standing in the twilight of this new thing

And strange

What it is I cannot say

Faced with this dawn

Whose gentle rays

Warm my skin as they caress me

I turn back and see the darkness

Which has been home.

And while the heat of this fresh day is luring

I still must fight the inclination

To chase that emptiness.

For it is the fear of what I’ll see

In this new light,

Or what I won’t,

That keeps me.

And though I move not

I know the sun will rise.

My only hope:

That it won’t scorch me or burn out

But rather

That it will rise

And grow brighter

With every hour

So that when night falls

It still will shine

Across the universe

To light the moon above me

And touch me thus forevermore…


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