Yours Eternal

When I fist knew you,

Those ages since,

The virginity icon was I.

And by and by

That icon was lost.

When I first met you,

Those ages since,

A virgin I no longer felt

Because in truth

I believed I was not.


Oh how great and beautiful

My error was.

For my virginity

Had never been taken


I had never yet given it.

As you entered me

That night

I felt those pains

That come with giving

Not of yourself

But yourself—your essence, Complete.

Because of you I did.

Because of you I have

And shall.

A virgin eternal

Is what I am

For you and you alone.

Because of you …

Because of you I am—Became.

For what is a virgin

If not a Woman

Of earnest

Truthful and pure.

I never was

A virgin.

You made me,


And with you

I shall never lose it.

But shall gain it

More and more

As I give myself

To thee.


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