Through the eyes of my soul

Eyes droop, face sags,

smile wanes, and body aches.

No quick fix, no real fix.

Just me stuck in a place

I don’t want to be.

Don’t deserve to be.

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Dead Lives

I am dead and

You are dead.

We have all lived and died.

Now we just remember

What it was to be alive.

Vague recollections of a past

That seems too real

To not have happened haunt us still.

Memories weave together

In our brains to create

Illusions of a life that was not so

and quilt our souls,

keeping us warm and at ease.

I am in denial and you are too.

Was it worth it? Were you or I?

All those lies said and believed

to create something unreal

and equally unsatisfying.

That is what it is to be alive—to lie.