Through the eyes of my soul

Eyes droop, face sags,

smile wanes, and body aches.

No quick fix, no real fix.

Just me stuck in a place

I don’t want to be.

Don’t deserve to be.

Blessings in disguise,

Sometimes they feel like demise,

They wear and tear

not just body but the spirit.

I don’t want to be broken,

but I feel I’ve already shattered

There is no left of me

Just my tears,

my stench, my dignity

left behind for others to laugh at,

gorge on and expand themselves on.

My life will feed others,

their goals, their dreams,

and mine shall fade into the darkness

To be forgotten,

To not have existed

To have been a power–slave.

Hard work is all,

Hard work is all.

To speak, to think, to be is nothing.


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