We are worthy

I want to be strong

To lead and be at the forefront—A1!

I want to be

To exist to live

To thrive and excel

I want to be better

People of the past have suffered and died

What lessons have I gained, what have I learned?

What will I push forward and pass on?

This life is a mystery and a war I will not see the end of

But I fight my battles and hope that I alone am not the victor

I care not for my life or yours

I care for ours together as one

We move forward and live

In silence in secret from each other we hide

But we are one and the same

Slight variances do not overthrow

the reality that we are brethren, twins at the soul

And everyone of yearns and loves

Cries and laughs

We all strive for the same enlightenment and overall bliss

So lets gather our army and take the world by storm

We have but one shot at making the mark that others have left

Forefathers showed us now lets make them proud

And live lives that are worthy of the miracle of life.


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