Rounds and rondelles

Faceted—Oh my!

Shiny and bright

You bring me such delight.

Happy and cheerful

You make me each time.

When I get a dime

I always make you mine.

I’ll thread you

And bead you,

Then I’ll add a charm.

In the end I’ll place you

Dare I say, showcase you

Right around my arm.


Sorrows come and you know why

Lessons can’t be compromised

In the end all things work out

And I’m the better for not falling out

All these things you do with care

In your time all things you’ll share

Meantime help me to stay strong

Never falter from your word.

In His Hands

No more sorrows or pains to bear

This life is mine to love and care

Troubles come and always go

But in the end I have a choice

Of what I’ll keep and what will go

O God I ask that me you’ll hold

Keep me safe, let me grow old

That I may learn what’s mine to mold.


That life I have I can’t deny

Two lungs of mine breathe in and out

Across the sky the birds take flight

While I stay grounded and out of sight

I want to live, to eat, and breathe

And truly feel what’s mine to feel

No more sorrows or other’s pain

The days gone by are done and far

It’s time to look ahead and try

To find new meaning in times to come.