A Servant’s Prayer

God, help me follow your advice

And never live a life of vice.

I want to walk in all your ways

And not to stray any o’ my days.

Let me keep some of my innocence

That I may work with greater diligence.

Sometimes I fear

That I’m not very near

Pretending to be

Something I wish I could see

In this world that we live in.

…Maybe it’s true

And I’m kidding myself…

But then quickly I remember

Scenes from life that burn like embers

I see your hand

And I am glad

I feel your power,

No more tears or sorrow

Because I know that you’re alive.

You are my father

And I your daughter

Nothing will move me from your grace.

In all my days

Help me remember

My primal purpose in this place.

Sometimes I fear

That things aren’t very clear

Afraid to misunderstand

To get it all wrong

I guess that’s what we call humanity

At times it feels like a calamity.

But that is why you’re in control

Even mistakes you turn to gold

Even the bad is used for good

Because this is your world

I am your creation

And I put myself in your loving hands.

I know that I will falter

For I am a person of flesh and bone

Made in the image, but not the image.

I am a fractal caught in space,

Floating in the wind of a crowded place.

Help me be genuine, truthful, and kind.

Help me do the best I can.

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