In light of the current state of affairs in our world today I feel that this poem I wrote years ago is relevant to us.  That is the framework I see for it at this moment:


I had a vision

I saw the world change

And it has been so long.

Upon reflection

I saw roses

Springing up from my arms.

And drawn all over,

As with a paintbrush,

I was a picture

Of a creature unborn.

Unimagined the eyes oh the eyes

Were as bright as the sum of the sols.

Projecting your sins in my song

You pray for me, the chosen one.

Close your eyes and shield the pain

For like an Angel I am

Here to do God’s will.

Turn now.

Add life to your hour,

And like the grass of the fields

Dress you, self, in flowering arms.

Y Colorin’ Colorado

We turned into a mother—



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