I have a new blog

Hello fellow bloggers and readers.  Up until now I have tried to manage two blogs one was for my poetry another for my prose and other longer works.

With the start of this new year I decided to open up a third and brand new blog where I will be merging both of my previous blogs together.  I want to have everything in one place for the sake of sanity and consistency.

If you have enjoyed reading my articles, poetry, etc please visit and subscribe to my new blog Hell’e Chante  as I will be closing down my two previous blogs in the coming weeks.




10 thoughts on “I have a new blog

    • Hell'e Chante says:

      Aww thanks 🙂 Sorry I haven’t been able to keep up with everything online but I hope that now that I am trying to just have one blog it’ll help lol.

      I know we’ve never met but your support means a lot to me. You are always so encouraging! 🙂

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      • Saiz says:

        And you supported me when I was starting blogging. I won’t forget that.
        I learned skills in poetry from you.
        No matter your presence or absence. You’ll always be treasured. Thank you for everything you’ve been.
        I wish to support you this way.
        Just one question.
        Do you now have your own hosting along with the domain?

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      • Hell'e Chante says:

        I enjoy supporting you as well. I love your romantic writing it is very sweet and while simple very deep as well.

        Yes I have my own hosting and domain. Learning how it works lol, it’s not too bad pretty much the same just want to have my readers with me it feels kind of lonely right now lol.

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      • Saiz says:

        Romantic? Aah…you still remember that…hehe
        I am also planning to do something like this. I had already got my domain. I’ll be owning a hosting soon.
        I am a Computer Science aspiring Engineer. Haha..that would help me more.
        We, readers are always here for you.
        Lonely right now? Why?? Want to share with me. I am sue if I can help, but, I sure will try my best. 😊

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      • Hell'e Chante says:

        That’s awesome (Computer Science aspiring Engineer) I wish I was better at computers, I signed up for a web design class so hopefully that helps me some 🙂 I studied English Literature and Education.

        It’s only lonely because my new blog has no followers lol that’s why I was trying to re-route people to my new blog. Everything takes time I guess.

        Well good luck to you my friend, let me know when you switch to self hosted blogging so we can continue to support each other. In the meantime you can follow my new blog hellechante.com to stay in touch. I will be closing my two old blogs soon 🙂

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      • Saiz says:

        haha..May Allah grant your wish. 🙂
        I always wanted to study Literature but, by then I already got admitted in this coarse. 😦
        hehe…sure I will flood your blog with my presence. Can’t say about everyone else.
        Yup I’ll follow it. 🙂

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