Carry Me Forward

When in the middle of the waters

You find yourself

Floating lightly in a deep blue sea

Don’t fear what is beneath you

Enjoy the good and wait for the answers to reveal themselves

For no one ever became heroic though panic and distress

Calm yourself, feel the waves run through you

Carrying you to where you are meant to be.

meant for more

Like tiny lights in the sky

One day ill learn to shine

I’ll dust my coat

And fully glow

Because I’m meant for more,

I know.


I’ll spread my wings and learn to fly

Above the clouds

And awful crowds

Which mostly

Rained on me

When on the ground I laid.


Soon enough there’ll

Be space for more

And I will grow

And learn to soar.

‘till then ill drink a Pepsi.

Summer Salts

With summer salts and jumps

I reach out to you

But you aren’t there.

Jump higher, climb faster

All of this I try to do

But why,

Who cares,

Who’s really there to catch me when I fall?

–Not you.