The caveman in me lives in the light now

Outside in the open and “free”

That’s what they tell me

I’m free now, free to be

Free to follow their rules and live by their laws

Free to be a piece of their chess game

Moved around where my potential can be harnessed

Where money can be made

Where someone wins and I always lose

But I don’t think I lose cause I was useful

Full of use for others, never myself

How can I help you?

Customer service

We’re all in service

To someone else


They call it a machine

But who created this monster

And how does it stay alive?


It is with the blood of the masses

The many and really all


It gained artificial intelligence

Yet we think we’re still in control


But nature calls me

I am a wild beast

untamed and unbroken

I want to go back

Nevermind going forward


I yearn for freshness, originality, an organic reality.



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