God’s Grace

My hue-man-i-tie is born

Out of pain and shame I rise

In a lifeless room

With cold sheets and cold sweats

With a boldly beating heart

Filled with fear and love combined

Knowing the struggle is rewarding

Though it tears me up quite bad.


The hours, endless hours

The labor that only starts

With the birth of this new life

Amid many prying eyes

Some quite loving, some quite strange.


I scream, I pant, they tell me, “Please just breathe.”

Push on, push on

Focus and believe.


Soon I hear the cries

Of a new reality

It’s happened it really has

It’s changed me

Transformed my life.


Now it breathes and seeks my breast

The nourishment, the bond

The action that confirms the fact

Me and my hue-man-i-tie

My new responsibility

Oh the joy it gives my heart

I clutch it, love it

No words will quite suffice

This is my piece of heaven

God’s grace gently smiling back at me.


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