Color Me Pretty

I have been dreaming again

Terrible dreams that haunt me

Larger than life they taunt me

Because I fear they cannot be

A vision seen inside of me

That makes my blood flow

That takes my breath away

I want so bad to realize

That image burned in me


The love of life

The wish to be

To spend all day with needles and thread

Weaving through fabrics

Looking outside from within


To create pictures

That sit on walls behind glass

To be adored and desired


I have been dreaming again

But as night falls

Anxiety grows

Because deep down I know

These dreams depend on others


Without their glance

Their loving touch

They’ll sit alone

And so will I


Dying slowly

Rotting inside


I want to kill my dreams

To let them die

So I can lead a normal life

So I can breathe



But as it goes

This can’t be so

Because these dreams

They’ve got their hold

Around my neck


To let them go

Would take me with them

Along I’d ride

At the end of the rope

Numb and twisted

No light inside my eyes

Despair, blank existence


Color me pretty

Let my hopes come alive

Weave together heart and mind

Make my hands

Form me inside

That I may live

The life

I dream




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