Body and Soul

Slow and steady

Is the way life goes

It grows, flows

One day at a time.


No time machine

No invisible cloak

No secret potions

Or answers.


Hard work,


With resistance.


Sturdy legs

Of belief to stand on

Carry you through the world

Where eyes of reflection

Give you insight.


Lungs breathe in the passion

And the love flows through

Your heart to your body

That protects you.


Hands create

Your vision

And ears hear

The sweet sound

Of living.


Let it

Seep into you.

Feed you.

Restore you.

God’s Ear

Been up and down

and all around,


It’s taken me a while

To finally come back

Into my own.


Swirling, twirling

Round and round


—God’s Ear—

Spiraling to the center

Of being.


Can’t fool yourself

You’ll always know

When things are truly right.





It happens so fast

Suddenly you know

You know

It’s always been there

Inside you.


It’s when we stop looking


Stop lusting.

The grass ain’t greener

On the other side.


It’s where you stand

You gotta grow.


All things come back to you,

It’s who you are.

Experiences they make you

Don’t be afraid

They can’t break you.


Sometimes we get thrown

Off the course

Of our serenity.


Don’t worry

It always comes back

to zero

the hero




People look

And stare


They glare.


Don’t let it

get you down.

Own it.

It’s your greatness

People fear

Not your worst.


The caveman in me lives in the light now

Outside in the open and “free”

That’s what they tell me

I’m free now, free to be

Free to follow their rules and live by their laws

Free to be a piece of their chess game

Moved around where my potential can be harnessed

Where money can be made

Where someone wins and I always lose

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Express yo-self!

“The man is only half himself, the other half is his expression”


People need to be themselves…and be allowed to be themselves; all of this done in a respectful manner, of course. Lets express ourselves, WHO we are NOT WHAT we have or WHAT we are.

We are told not to let ourselves be objectified… “you are not an object” not a piece of meat, not a machine, not a robot, not a pair of boobs, or a work horse, we are human beings dammit!

But how do we prove ourselves thus?

It seems that in today’s society we are defined by what we have, where we live, what car we drive, what we wear, how we look.

Since when has our mind shrunk to make it believe that a person is exactly as they SHOW themselves to be?

The exterior is but the clean house that we visit when we are guests at a friends’ place.

No one will display his or her demons out neatly for the whole world to see and dissect. There is always an image being portrayed, even when it is that of a victim. We believe things about these images that entice us to act them out, often all the while losing ourselves within them so that in the end those around us, unless truly close to us, only get to know us through deflected rays bouncing from impersonal actions.

My hope as I enter my own heart and mind is that I can let go of those guises and get to know myself truly so that who I am may shine through to myself and others.