God’s Grace

My hue-man-i-tie is born

Out of pain and shame I rise

In a lifeless room

With cold sheets and cold sweats

With a boldly beating heart

Filled with fear and love combined

Knowing the struggle is rewarding

Though it tears me up quite bad.


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The caveman in me lives in the light now

Outside in the open and “free”

That’s what they tell me

I’m free now, free to be

Free to follow their rules and live by their laws

Free to be a piece of their chess game

Moved around where my potential can be harnessed

Where money can be made

Where someone wins and I always lose

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Carry Me Forward

When in the middle of the waters

You find yourself

Floating lightly in a deep blue sea

Don’t fear what is beneath you

Enjoy the good and wait for the answers to reveal themselves

For no one ever became heroic though panic and distress

Calm yourself, feel the waves run through you

Carrying you to where you are meant to be.



The idea for this painting comes from yesterday’s song post: Terrapin Station.  Part of the lyrics say, “Inspiration, move me brightly.” I take the word brightly to mean happy or cheerful.  Sometimes art can be tolling for the artist, a lot of pain can be felt as the artist tries to produce his or her work. This line makes me think of the inspiration for art as a positive influence that moves a person to a better place, brighter and happier.