Life Inc.

So many dreams

And heart’s desires

It’s hard to keep them straight.


I yearn for discipline

And strength

I miss the days

When mother sang

And father knew.


Those days are gone

Now there’s no one there

No person to say right from wrong

No teacher to hold your hand


Nobody knows

Hearts get so confused

And minds, they harden.


Between passion

And reason

There is little space for me.


I feel trapped

Living on a thin strip

Neither here nor there

Chasing seedlings of what could be

All the while not sowing

For the harvest

Not attending to what I have.


It is hard to find yourself.

The moment it seems you’ve done it

Things change.


In a world where there is

No right or wrong

Or best of all

It all feels bad.


I lack the confidence

In my steps

Am fooled by words

Images feel real

And I begin to sink


Down, down

Ever smaller

Lowly, discontent.

I am humbled.


We live in retrospect

Smarter about the past

But just as ignorant of the future

And irresponsible about today.


It seems we can’t prepare.

We look for leaders

New guides

To the frightening

The unknown.


But there are no real diviners

Fortune tellers

You can’t secure the future

There is no contract

You’re here at will.

Body and Soul

Slow and steady

Is the way life goes

It grows, flows

One day at a time.


No time machine

No invisible cloak

No secret potions

Or answers.


Hard work,


With resistance.


Sturdy legs

Of belief to stand on

Carry you through the world

Where eyes of reflection

Give you insight.


Lungs breathe in the passion

And the love flows through

Your heart to your body

That protects you.


Hands create

Your vision

And ears hear

The sweet sound

Of living.


Let it

Seep into you.

Feed you.

Restore you.

God’s Ear

Been up and down

and all around,


It’s taken me a while

To finally come back

Into my own.


Swirling, twirling

Round and round


—God’s Ear—

Spiraling to the center

Of being.


Can’t fool yourself

You’ll always know

When things are truly right.





It happens so fast

Suddenly you know

You know

It’s always been there

Inside you.


It’s when we stop looking


Stop lusting.

The grass ain’t greener

On the other side.


It’s where you stand

You gotta grow.


All things come back to you,

It’s who you are.

Experiences they make you

Don’t be afraid

They can’t break you.


Sometimes we get thrown

Off the course

Of our serenity.


Don’t worry

It always comes back

to zero

the hero




People look

And stare


They glare.


Don’t let it

get you down.

Own it.

It’s your greatness

People fear

Not your worst.

A Servant’s Prayer

God, help me follow your advice

And never live a life of vice.

I want to walk in all your ways

And not to stray any o’ my days.

Let me keep some of my innocence

That I may work with greater diligence.

Sometimes I fear

That I’m not very near

Pretending to be

Something I wish I could see

In this world that we live in.

…Maybe it’s true

And I’m kidding myself…

But then quickly I remember

Scenes from life that burn like embers

I see your hand

And I am glad

I feel your power,

No more tears or sorrow

Because I know that you’re alive.

You are my father

And I your daughter

Nothing will move me from your grace.

In all my days

Help me remember

My primal purpose in this place.

Sometimes I fear

That things aren’t very clear

Afraid to misunderstand

To get it all wrong

I guess that’s what we call humanity

At times it feels like a calamity.

But that is why you’re in control

Even mistakes you turn to gold

Even the bad is used for good

Because this is your world

I am your creation

And I put myself in your loving hands.

I know that I will falter

For I am a person of flesh and bone

Made in the image, but not the image.

I am a fractal caught in space,

Floating in the wind of a crowded place.

Help me be genuine, truthful, and kind.

Help me do the best I can.


Rounds and rondelles

Faceted—Oh my!

Shiny and bright

You bring me such delight.

Happy and cheerful

You make me each time.

When I get a dime

I always make you mine.

I’ll thread you

And bead you,

Then I’ll add a charm.

In the end I’ll place you

Dare I say, showcase you

Right around my arm.