Love Child

I’m a lo, lo, l’ouve child

Hear me speak

Saying truths you’d rathern’t meet

Out o darkness dare I creep

From your depths do I declare


I’m not rare

But rather fond

O your heart

Where I can’t frown

Where I can’t crown my own demise

And where I drown in your despise


Give me liberty or keep me deaf

For I cant take all of these lies

They’re too many

It’s hard to see

I am re-burning

And my eyes bleed

As they open to this world

That in darkness holds a key.

I’m in love.

Love is No. 1

Play with my words it’s not always words at first sight:


Life’s a miracle not a mirage

But go ahead and look

A visionary in a world of icons.

See them for what they are,

No more no less than you 2.

We all just hue-mans

Find your color,

Know and own

Your dye and stain.

Ain’t no shame, we are.

We here,

For Liberty and Happiness,

Cuz we ain’t just.

We one of many

And often are many

For the ones we love.


Love is hard

You give, you give

And in the end

You cannot be certain

That what you gave

Was what was needed or enough.

Love cannot be tamed

Has a mind of its own

Lives and breathes in private

Inside of your soul.

You can try to express it, to show it

But it is difficult to communicate

The electric shock it created inside.

To him who loved me

When first we started

I never would have guessed

That when we ended

Our love would still remain

And like a teacher,

A gentle hand indeed

It would surrender

The greatest gift to me

It showed me patience,

It taught me about respect,

It made me humble,

With mettle filled my heart

So blessed be all love,

That like a flower

Grows into graceful bloom.